STEM Conference

The AAUW STEM Conference for 8th grade girls is held annually at Yuba College with sessions taught by local professional women who use math and science in their careers. Our branch has held a STEM  Conference (formerly called Math-Science Conference) for 8th grade girls since 1985. The STEM Conference encourages girls to study Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Students attend the half-day conference to learn the importance of studying the STEM subjects in planning their careers. 

Council Chat  

COUNCIL CHAT – January 19, 2018 STEM Conference Big Success!

The STEM Conference could not have been better! We had 722 girls and 55 teachers at Yuba College on January 19th. All of our members participated to make it a wonderful event. A very special thanks to Sandy Davini and Barbara Solheim for chairing the event, and to the committee of more than a dozen women who worked all year to make it happen.

Thank you to the many women who acted as Facilitators in the classrooms and to Lee Jones and Roberta D’Arcy for coordinating them. Thank you to Martha Bunce who recruited the 24 professional women, the Presenters, who took time out of their busy work week to come and talk to the girls at our STEM Conference, and to Jeanine Rounds who made the great arrangements with Yuba College. Thank you to Pat Jones for the Orientation, and Amanda Hopper for the keynote, and thanks to the Hospitality committee and supportive college staff & students who kept the girls from getting lost. Janet Theiss did an amazing job handling the computer work for the conference, as well as checking the schools in with the help of her husband, Bill. Then there were the dozens of women who helped make the packets and delivered them to the schools.

We know all of this is very time consuming. The STEM Conference couldn’t have happened without all of you. Sandy Davini said there were at least 73 women who participated to make this event happen.

For more information about STEM, please contact Sandy or Barbars S. on CONTACT page.