Executive Council

2019-20 Executive Council:

The Executive Council governs the branch.  It includes the leaders of each branch function, organized into groups.  Within each group are related committees and members responsible for specific tasks/areas.

Liz Skelly – Executive Council Leader: leads the meetings; supports the Publicity Chair and the Public Policy Chair; ascertains the branch is meeting its mission/purpose.

Jeanine Rounds – Secretary: records the minutes of the meetings; communicates on behalf of the branch.

Sandy Davini – Treasurer: handles financial duties; supports the Budget Development Committee, Financial Review, AAUW Funds Chair & Committee; alerts council to new members’ contact and degree information.

Gwyn Baker – Bylaws Leader: keeps the branch bylaws in conformity with AAUW and California State bylaws requirements; makes the policies reflect practice and changes as voted by the Council.

Janet Theiss – Communications Leader: supports the Reservations Committee, Newsletter Editor, Roster Editor, Website Editor; reports on areas not covered by group members’ reports.

Lee Jones – Membership Leader: represents the general membership; supports Sections, Historian, and Sunshine Chair; distributes and processes membership forms; supports recruitment of new members; nurtures new members.

 Barbara Solheim – Program Leader: chairs and supports Program Committee; supports the Coalition Representatives.

Joan Young – Projects Leader: supports the committee leaders of the Garden Tour Committee, Tech Trek Committee, STEM Committee, Scholarship Committee; assists the committee leaders as requested or needed for successful projects.

Janet Theiss – IBC Representative(s): represents the branch at Interbranch Council meetings; reports IBC plans and actions to the Executive Council.


Members-at-Large (appointed) 2019-2020

Barbara Alves

Artis Buerki

Martha Bunce

Carol Clark

Gretchen Cupp

Colleen Franklin

Kathryn Jankowski

Priscilla Kerr

Joann Nixon

Yvonne Pierre

Linda Protine

Nancy Johnston