Executive Council

2018-19 EXECUTIVE COUNCIL – July 1, 2018

Sandy Davini – Treasurer serves 1 year terms (2018-2019)

Carol Clark (2016-2019)

Joann Nixon (2016-2019)

Jeanine Rounds (2017-2020)

Janet Theiss (2017-2020)

Lee Jones (2018-2021)

Barbara Solheim (2018-2021)

Karen Tuttle (2018-2021)

Members at Large: (2018-2019)  Christina Billeci, Artis Buerki, Martha Bunce, Gretchen Cupp, Colleen Franklin, Priscilla Kerr. Joan Young.  Members-At-Large are appointed by Executive Council, attend EC meetings and can vote, volunteer to help with tasks or projects, and assists/becomes, when interested, an Executive Council member.

The Executive Council governs the branch.  It includes the leaders of each branch function, organized into groups.  Within each group are related committees and members responsible for specific tasks/areas.

Executive Council Leader: leads the meetings; supports the Publicity Chair and the Public Policy Chair; ascertains the branch is meeting its mission/purpose.

Secretary: records the minutes of the meetings; communicates on behalf of the branch.

Treasurer: handles financial duties; supports the Budget Development Committee, Financial Review, AAUW Funds Chair & Committee; alerts council to new members’ contact and degree information.

Bylaws Chair: keeps the branch bylaws in conformity with AAUW and California State bylaws requirements; makes the policies reflect practice and changes as voted by the Council.

Communications Leader: supports the Reservations Committee, Newsletter Editor, Roster Editor, Website Editor; reports on areas not covered by group members’ reports.

Membership Leader: represents the general membership; supports Sections, Historian, and Sunshine Chair; distributes and processes membership forms; supports recruitment of new members; nurtures new members.

Program Leader: chairs and supports Program Committee; supports the Coalition Representatives.

Projects Leader: supports the committee leaders of the Garden Tour Committee, Tech Trek Committee, STEM Committee, Scholarship Committee; assists the committee leaders as requested or needed for successful projects.

IBC Representative(s): represents the branch at Interbranch Council meetings; reports IBC plans and actions to the Executive Council.